Defensive Rifle 240

Fee: $330.00

Location: directions provided upon Registration.  Range is outdoors--dress appropriately for the weather.

This course is two days and starts at 09:00.

Registration and Deposit required.

Prerequisite(s): Familiarity with your rifle and how it functions (required). Ability to consistently group 6-8 inches at 50 yards with your rifle.

Georges Rahbani was born in the Middle East (Lebanon). During years of brutal civil battles, skill at arms wasn’t a recreational privilege - it was an actual necessity of daily survival. The lessons he learned in actual conflicts - about guns, their effectiveness, and their ability to keep oneself alive while defending family and neighborhood - have become important cornerstones of his unique instruction.

After becoming a U.S. Citizen, Georges attended classes at the best schools - Gunsite, Thunder Ranch, Chapman Academy, Lethal Force Institute (LFI), Firearms Academy of Seattle, Jim Cirillo, and Chuck Taylor. He found each had a piece of the puzzle to prepare the dedicated rifle student for serious encounters, but none had combined them into a coherent whole. He filtered those doctrines through his own extensive experiences--the result is what may be the best preparation the serious practitioner of the ultimate martial art can get: “The Fighting Rifle.”

Georges is a member of ASLET ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association), holds certifications from the National Law Enforcement Training Center (NLETC) and the NRA, and has held certifications from the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission.

This is a two day, intermediate level course of 800 rounds designed for the dedicated shooter who wants a good grounding in rifle technique for both self-defense and hunting. This class concentrates on the finer points of platforms, manipulation, sighting, and trajectory from which all “tactical” shooting is done. This isn’t a beginning or introductory class - it is a foundational course focusing on the skills that must be mastered by all serious shooters. Novice or veteran, you will learn some “new tricks”! One of the most valuable parts of Level 240 is the opportunity to diagnose errors that limit your ultimate performance. (One student, a multiple graduate of several very well-known shooting schools, remarked that in all of his training no one ever explained how to manipulate the trigger in a manner that made sense to him. His scores improved dramatically just from this one class topic!) Part of controlling your rifle is handling it safely. You’ll be introduced to a new way of looking at safety, which Georges calls a “safety attitude.” It will permanently alter how you handle firearms! He’ll show you how traditional safety rules, as commonly presented, actually set you up for an accident - and what to do to avoid falling into the traps. You’ll come away with the beginnings of a subconscious commitment to safe gun handling that will serve you in the field as well as on the range.


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