School Personnel Training

Please call us at 503-362-0584 or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get added to the list.

Any school personnel who sign an agreement to the effect that they will always carry and keep up to date on training, I will train at NO charge.  

The school personnel training will include the following:

  A three hour course that consists of Handgun safety, Oregon Statutes 161 & 166, threat assessment and selection of safety equipment. 

  A 4+ hours of range experience that teaches the use of a handgun with an introduction to two-handed default shooting, strong hand and support hand shooting techniques. It also covers handgun selection, fit, grip, and sight alignment, trigger control and follow through. Required: a handgun*, 100 rounds of Full Metal Jacket ammunition, ear protection (MUFFS), wrap around eye protection, baseball cap and a shirt that is snug to the throat.  Range time will be outdoors but under cover, so dress for the weather. Bring your lunch and favorite non-alcoholic beverage.

*If you do not already have a handgun of your own, you do not need to purchase one just to take the class. There will be handguns available to rent for $40.00 and this includes ammunition and cleaning of the gun. This is the class where you can be fitted for a handgun and then, unlike in a store, you can fire it.  

  This advanced two day self-defense course discusses survival in the aftermath of a violent encounter. It explores the legal, moral, ethical and practical use of lethal force by the armed citizen. Lecture time will include an in-depth look at the AOJ's, introduction to Post Shooting Trauma, the potential 13 issues included in the aftermath of a citizen involved homicide and building your training record into discoverable evidence. Range time will include drawing the firearm, reloading, holstering, clearing malfunctions, and the three two-handed shooting techniques of Isosceles, Weaver and Chapman. We will work on shooting with the strong hand only and the support hand only. We will address use of cover or concealment utilizing the cover crouch, high kneel and low kneel shooting techniques, active shooter in a crowd and there will be timed shooting qualifications. Student must furnish a handgun (.380 cal. or larger), 500 rounds of FMJ ammunition, a good quality holster (no fanny packs, purses, or shoulder rigs unless instructor approved), minimum of 3 magazines or speed loaders, eye & ear protection, baseball type cap and a shirt that fits snug to the throat. Range time will be outdoors but under cover, so dress for the weather. Bring your lunch and favorite non-alcoholic beverage.